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Presto Wings

(Presto is a musical term indicating a very rapid tempo) 

presto wings

acrylic 16 x 20

Your wings I hear.
I know you’re near.
Now you I see.
You’re close to me.

Tiny, delicate,
Yet strong and sure.
Pretty green,
With wings a blur.
Lapping nectar
With your long tongue.
Hovering there
‘Till your drink is done.
Here and there
Without a care.
When the wasps are there.
They seem to dare.

Feeder to honeysuckle
Then back once more.
Wings don’t seem
To get tired and sore.
Don’t chase the other girls
There’s plenty for all,
Even if the feeders
Are rather small.

Take time to rest
On the honeysuckle vine.
You’re such fun to watch,
Friend of mine.
Or maybe you fly
To the Mulberry tree
From my window
I still can see.

You’re gone for a while
When you return, I’ll smile.

Reflections of an Artist

I have always been fascinated by reflections and what they can show. Sometimes they show what is real and sometimes they show distortion. Reflections can be visual or thoughts. On this blog I will be posting pictures of my artwork and writings about them. I hope you will enjoy.


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