Artwork and Writings of Irene Tobias Rodriguez

Lone Feather


Lone Feather what stories you tell.
How long since you fell
Discarded by a bird.
You won’t say a word.
Alone on the beach, by and by
Waiting just to catch my eye.



Lone Feather - Detail

Comments on: "Lone Feather" (7)

  1. This painting is one of my “puzzle paintings.” I cut a board into pieces, paint each piece individually, then assemble and glue pieces in place. With this technique the finished painting has a slightly fragmented image.

  2. I really like your art and would love to see a close up of the puzzle effect. Yotaki

  3. Yotaki, Thank you for the complement on my art. I’ve posted a detail of “Lone Feather” for you to see. The dark brown lines are the separations of the “puzzle” pieces. Note the large rock in the lower left – it looks like several rocks or a broken rock instead of a single rock as it started out. Irene

  4. Fascinating! I really love the style and effect. Although your tones are soft the textures and effect is powerful. Thank you for taking the time to post a detail. Exceptional art work. Yotaki

  5. Really lovely! I can see you take great pleasure in such detail!

  6. Very creative work!

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