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Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate - photograph

Hot chocolate,
     A cozy comfy chair,
It’s cold outside
     I’m glad I ‘m not out there.
Marshmallow showman
     Melting fast
I knew he
     Wouldn’t last.

Nothing better,
     I perceive,
Than hot chocolate
    On a cold winter’s eve.


Junco - Photograph

The wind doth blow and howl out there.
            I’m snug and warm inside.
If someone says I must go out
            I think I’ll go and hide.
The temperature’s been up and down
            A roller coaster ride.
Yesterday was so wet
            I’m very glad I dried.


"Fuji" acrylic

Fuji, I saw you
          finally for real
In my memory
          you are sealed.
Pictures weren’t enough
          your greatness to see.

I’ve waited for years
          this place to be.
Seen from far and wide
          unless in fog you hide.
From the ground you lie
          a tower to the sky.
Fuji, I stood
          on your shoulder
If trail weren’t closed
          I’d have been bolder.

 Chrysanthemums aplenty,
          Beautiful group.
Who’d have thought
          Even in my soup.

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