Artwork and Writings of Irene Tobias Rodriguez

Storm Rolling In

storm rolling in

"Storm Rolling In" - watercolor

We watched…

            over the lake

                        angry clouds pass

We saw…

            Suddenly . . .

                        wind shift

We stared…

            mesmerized by

                        the awesome beast

We ran…

chased by monster

                        head for cover

We looked…

out window

torrential rain

We gasped…

            small trees blowing

                        Tall trees falling

We sighed…

            black beast departed

                        calm restored

We were amazed…

            Destructive force

                        size of fallen trees

We thanked


everyone was safe

We remember…

            a Friday evening

                        at Dunkirk Camp

Comments on: "Storm Rolling In" (4)

  1. Wonderfully descriptive words to accompany your excellent watercolor!

    • The painting and the poem don’t do the experience justce. It was awesome to see storm clouds change direction and head right towards you. Then to watch the trees being blown down.

  2. Did you consider swirling motions with the brush? Some magenta and yellow. You say, “The painting and the poem don’t do the experience justice”. Maybe you could try acrylic because you could experiment with rapid changes and re-tries until you get exactly what you want. Did Turner do storm paintings you could look at? If you can remember what was awesome and what was frightening — those elements could be added to the poem. Maybe if you wrote out what happened in a page of prose, you could pick out a few new phrases to add to the poem. What could a monster do to you that a storm could also do. Could you relate the characteristics of a monster to the characteristics of a storm? What is the monster’s roar like. What is the claw of the storm, the bite of the storm, the sweat of the storm.

    • Thank you for your comments, Doug. I usually paint with acrylic but this one called out “watercolor”. This painting was mostly from memory and a few notes I took the next day. Seeing the dark clouds over the lake before the storm hit looked pretty much like the painting. I know I have to work more on metaphores with my poems.

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