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Silver Reflections

"Silver Reflections" = acrylic

“Silver Reflections” – acrylic

Pitcher of water

Apple a day

Inverted reflection

Mirrored that way

Reflect and remember

Distorted or true

Give a sigh

Then start anew.

Jeopardy & Safety Ahead

"Jeopardy" arylic

“Jeopardy” acrylic

Sky and Sea Converge

Traveling a course unknown – lost

Hold on tight and pray


Beacon of hope, calm ahead

Out of the dark storm relief

"Safety Ahead" - acrylic

“Safety Ahead” – acrylic


Coping with the Triangle

It came to me in a dream.

"Coping With the Triangle" - Digital

“Coping With the Triangle” – Digital

What does it mean?

Tools out of scheme

It’s not what it seems.

Different I deem

But on the same team.

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