Artwork and Writings of Irene Tobias Rodriguez

Grub Hunter


“Grub Hunter” Acrylic (16 x 20)

Zig-zaging back and forth he walked

In my backyard one rainy day.

He paid no attention to me as I watched.

His nose to the ground, no time to play.

Deer One


“Deer One” Block Print over Watercolor (12 x 9)

One of several prints, each on a different background. View variations on this website:


Green Vase


“Green Vase” Acrylic (10 x 8)

Blackfoot Bob


“Blackfoot Bob” (Acrylic 16 x 20)

Wading by the shore

What a way to spend your time

Looking for a fish

Shades of Purple


“Shades of Purple” (Acrylic 16 x 20)

Iris in my garden

I Spy


“I Spy” Acrylic (11 x 14)

Neighborhood Coopers Hawk



“Nesting” Acrylic (8 x 16)

Swan’s nest is next to the road. The swan on the left was not too happy when I took reference pictures. He started to swim towards me thinking I was getting too close.

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