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Blue and Red – Table Topper

“Blue and Red”

28 x 26 Quilt Table Topper

Night Glow


“Night Glow” – digital

Cosmic Circles

"Cosmic Circles" - digital

“Cosmic Circles” – digital



“Yellow” – quilt wall hanging

Coping with the Triangle

It came to me in a dream.

"Coping With the Triangle" - Digital

“Coping With the Triangle” – Digital

What does it mean?

Tools out of scheme

It’s not what it seems.

Different I deem

But on the same team.


Informal – quilt

Scattered around

Colors abound

Not in neat rows

No pathway that shows

No planned pattern choice

Nature’s random voice.

Up From the Deep

up from the deep

Acrylic, 18 x 24

It started with a brush stroke,
A dab and a poke,
A color seldom used
As if to amuse.
A few more colors dabbed about
Randomly, without much thought.

A few swirls,
An upstroke wave…
Do I see water?
Big stroke was brave.
More dabs,
More color.
What to use?
A little Yeller?

Still not much.
Is that a waterfall splash?
Another line

Then it emerged
From chaos of paint
Off Center
A flower?
A little more power.

Not bad after all
Now sort of nice
Stand back
Look twice.

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