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Silver Lining

silver lining 1

Silver Lining #1 – digital

Peal away the storm clouds.

Peal away the sorrow.

Find the silver lining

For your tomorrow.

Silver Lining #2 – digital

Peal away the angry clouds.

Peal away the pain.

A brighter day will shine

After the rain.


Practicing V’s


Honk, Honk. There they go
Running on the water so.
Lift-off, taking to the sky,
Flying so high,
Practicing their V’s.
Honk, Honk, keep up the pace.
Steady, now. This isn’t a race.
Drafting – the wind spreading
Even when changing heading.
Practicing their V’s.

Honk, Honk, another to lead.
Keep up the speed.
Tired one drops back
Fill in the slack.
Practicing their V’s.

How would it be
To run on the sea,
Take to the sky
Flying high,
Practicing our V’s?

A lesson to learn
Sharing concern,
Lighten the load, helping each other,
Friend, stranger, or brother
Practicing our V’s.

Honk, Honk, I’m behind you.
When you tire I will assist you.
Honk, Honk, we are together
Fair or stormy weather
Together let’s practice our V’s.


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