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Fuchsia – Acrylic


Growing Wild


“Growing Wild” – acrylic

Lily White

Easter Lily

“Lily White” – acrylic

Love Those Seeds

lovethoseseeds-wmBanquet set for me

Food good enough for a king

And the price is right


Love those seeds, I do. Thank you

I will eat until they’re gone.

Painted Lady

painted lady

“Painted Lady” acrylic

Painting without verse

Could be worse

Busy with beads and brush

Creative rush

Purple Delight

"Purple Delight" digital

“Purple Delight”

Delightful purple

Now add a flighty green bird

Energy for flight

Queen Anne’s Field

Queen ann lace

“Queen Anne’s Field”

Wild carrot scene

Lace for a queen.

Chicory blue

Joins the rendezvous.

Flowering in field

Others yield.

No longer weed,

I concede.

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