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“Prelude” acrylic

Lonely, cold, quiet

Like dormant seed in the ground

Waiting for summer

Love Those Seeds

lovethoseseeds-wmBanquet set for me

Food good enough for a king

And the price is right


Love those seeds, I do. Thank you

I will eat until they’re gone.

Purple Delight

"Purple Delight" digital

“Purple Delight”

Delightful purple

Now add a flighty green bird

Energy for flight

Impromptu Orange

“Impromptu Orange” acrylic


Suddenly you are

There appearing before me

Not blobs but flowers.

Close up and Personal

“Close up and Personal” acrylic

I am present now.

Looking for what bugs you. Then

I quickly depart.

Lunar Morning

“Lunar Morning” Wall hanging quilt

Shine through the branches

Pretty sight to start my day

White ball in the sky

Willow Ice

Willow Ice

Willow Ice- digital

Pussy willow nice
Gray fur and yellow blossoms
Cold icicles hanging down

Winter doesn’t want to leave
Spring won’t you please return soon

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