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“Prelude” acrylic

Lonely, cold, quiet

Like dormant seed in the ground

Waiting for summer




Beacon in sight

 I’ve found the light

 Next turn is near

 The way is clear

Detroit light

“Off Shore”


Reflections Book

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Silver Reflections

"Silver Reflections" = acrylic

“Silver Reflections” – acrylic

Pitcher of water

Apple a day

Inverted reflection

Mirrored that way

Reflect and remember

Distorted or true

Give a sigh

Then start anew.

Jeopardy & Safety Ahead

"Jeopardy" arylic

“Jeopardy” acrylic

Sky and Sea Converge

Traveling a course unknown – lost

Hold on tight and pray


Beacon of hope, calm ahead

Out of the dark storm relief

"Safety Ahead" - acrylic

“Safety Ahead” – acrylic


Coping with the Triangle

It came to me in a dream.

"Coping With the Triangle" - Digital

“Coping With the Triangle” – Digital

What does it mean?

Tools out of scheme

It’s not what it seems.

Different I deem

But on the same team.

Tattered Butterfly

Tattered Butterfly - Photograph

“Tattered Butterfly” – Photograph

Flitter about

Wings torn and tattered.

Flitter about

As if it not mattered


When I am old

Hope I can be

Half as

Energetic as he.

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