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“Staircase” acrylic

Stair of mystery

Where do you lead?

“Try me.”

The steps plead.

Toward the unknown breed

Must climb a step

Though I bleed

Must climb a step

I plant a seed

I climb a step

I do a good deed

I climb a step

What do I need?

Must climb a step


What lies at the top?

I do not stop.


Informal – quilt

Scattered around

Colors abound

Not in neat rows

No pathway that shows

No planned pattern choice

Nature’s random voice.

Summer Dynamics

Summer Dynamics – quilt

Coneflower dancing

Basking in the bright sunlight.

Summer Dynamics


Heat of the day is rising.

You will find me in the shade.

Silver Lining

silver lining 1

Silver Lining #1 – digital

Peal away the storm clouds.

Peal away the sorrow.

Find the silver lining

For your tomorrow.

Silver Lining #2 – digital

Peal away the angry clouds.

Peal away the pain.

A brighter day will shine

After the rain.


Off the Beaten Trail

“Off the Beaten Trail” acrylic

How do I wander?
Off the beaten trail.
How do I wonder?
Right brain will prevail.

I know my mind.
Back door I find.

With intuition I conclude.
Numbers elude.

How do I wander?
With gratitude.
How do I wonder?
Rainbow hued.

(At the time the painting was completed, the bridge from Windsor, Ohio, was closed to cars and accessible to foot traffic only. It has since been rebuilt and is now open to traffic.)

Impromptu Orange

“Impromptu Orange” acrylic


Suddenly you are

There appearing before me

Not blobs but flowers.

Close up and Personal

“Close up and Personal” acrylic

I am present now.

Looking for what bugs you. Then

I quickly depart.

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