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“Porcupine” mixed media, wood (6″ x 11″ x 6″)


Garden Friends


Garden Friends –  Mixed Media

Head, squirrel, and flowers are made from hand felted wool







“Archie” – mixed media

One of my latest hand felted head sculptures



“Come Let us Adore Him” as the song says. Not just shepherds and wise men but US.

Modern day people come to see the Christ Child. Shepherds and wise men visited the first Christmas. Now it is our turn.

Fron left to right: Fluffy (the lamb), Charlie,   Joseph, Sam (in front of Joseph), Mary holding Jesus, Miss Belle

For the second year, this Nativity is displayed on the lawn of Trinity United Church of Christ, Canton, OH. It is a project I supervised last year that took twice as long as planned. A crew of multi-age helpers worked diligently once a week for about six months. The figures are made of paper mache. The tallest stand about five feet.

Hector’s Garden

Hector's Garden

Fiber Sculpture 40" x 25"

My friend, Hector
Sweet as nectar.
On your garden you sit
Just where you fit.

Butterfly wings.
Bird sings.
Flowers grow
The bees know.

What you talk about,
Your bird friend and you,
I can’t say.
I wish I knew.

For your smile
I’ll sit for a while,
My friend, Hector.


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