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Reflections Book

A book of some of my paintings with poems is now available for sale. It contains some of the posts you have enjoyed on my blog.

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Azalea’s Song of Spring


"Azalea's Song of Spring" - acrylic

Sing a song of spring.
Let the flowers sing.
Music to my ear
Winter’s ore it’s clear.
Web add to the beauty
Of flower community.

Color of Spring

color of spring

"Color of Spring" - acrylic

Yellow daffodils
     Color of sun
You show
     Winter’s almost done.
Beckons me,
     Your smiling face,
To come out of
     My winter place.

Willow Ice

Willow Ice

Willow Ice- digital

Pussy willow nice
Gray fur and yellow blossoms
Cold icicles hanging down

Winter doesn’t want to leave
Spring won’t you please return soon

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