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Love Those Seeds

lovethoseseeds-wmBanquet set for me

Food good enough for a king

And the price is right


Love those seeds, I do. Thank you

I will eat until they’re gone.

Red Leaf


“Red Leaf” acrylic

Cold Wind is blowing
Colored leaves fly through the air
Hand me a jacket please

Cold snow is soon to follow
Wrap up in my warm blanket

Jeopardy & Safety Ahead

"Jeopardy" arylic

“Jeopardy” acrylic

Sky and Sea Converge

Traveling a course unknown – lost

Hold on tight and pray


Beacon of hope, calm ahead

Out of the dark storm relief

"Safety Ahead" - acrylic

“Safety Ahead” – acrylic


Summer Dynamics

Summer Dynamics – quilt

Coneflower dancing

Basking in the bright sunlight.

Summer Dynamics


Heat of the day is rising.

You will find me in the shade.

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