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Bird Feeder


Bird Feeder – Wall hanging quilt



neighbors quilt

“Neighbors” – quilt wall hanging

neighbors detail

“Neighbors” detail

ndighbors detail

“Neighbors” detail

Great Horned Owl

owl quilt

“Owl” Quilt Wall hanging

owl detail

“Owl” detail

Night Glow


“Night Glow” – digital

Winter Cathedral

"Winter Cathedral_ - acrylic

“Winter Cathedral” – acrylic

Inspiration for this painting came from passing through West Virginia last February.

Off the Beaten Trail

“Off the Beaten Trail” acrylic

How do I wander?
Off the beaten trail.
How do I wonder?
Right brain will prevail.

I know my mind.
Back door I find.

With intuition I conclude.
Numbers elude.

How do I wander?
With gratitude.
How do I wonder?
Rainbow hued.

(At the time the painting was completed, the bridge from Windsor, Ohio, was closed to cars and accessible to foot traffic only. It has since been rebuilt and is now open to traffic.)

Katrina Rose

katrina Rose

"Katrina Rose" - acrylic

Like an explosion
Katrina hit Biloxi
Unstoppable force of water . . . . . .
Retreating from whence it came
Leaving behind
          scattered debris
A delicate rose survived.

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