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Tall Ship


Tall Ship – Acrylic


Blue Water


Blue Water – Acrylic

Cosmic Circles

"Cosmic Circles" - digital

“Cosmic Circles” – digital




Beacon in sight

 I’ve found the light

 Next turn is near

 The way is clear

Detroit light

“Off Shore”


Jeopardy & Safety Ahead

"Jeopardy" arylic

“Jeopardy” acrylic

Sky and Sea Converge

Traveling a course unknown – lost

Hold on tight and pray


Beacon of hope, calm ahead

Out of the dark storm relief

"Safety Ahead" - acrylic

“Safety Ahead” – acrylic


In Repose

In Repose

In Repose – acrylic


Boats anchored in raft
Lined up aft.
Disappearing sun
Day almost done.
All is at rest
Sky fully dressed.
Day will close
In repose.

Storm Rolling In

storm rolling in

"Storm Rolling In" - watercolor

We watched…

            over the lake

                        angry clouds pass

We saw…

            Suddenly . . .

                        wind shift

We stared…

            mesmerized by

                        the awesome beast

We ran…

chased by monster

                        head for cover

We looked…

out window

torrential rain

We gasped…

            small trees blowing

                        Tall trees falling

We sighed…

            black beast departed

                        calm restored

We were amazed…

            Destructive force

                        size of fallen trees

We thanked


everyone was safe

We remember…

            a Friday evening

                        at Dunkirk Camp

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