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In Repose

In Repose

In Repose – acrylic


Boats anchored in raft
Lined up aft.
Disappearing sun
Day almost done.
All is at rest
Sky fully dressed.
Day will close
In repose.

Storm Rolling In

storm rolling in

"Storm Rolling In" - watercolor

We watched…

            over the lake

                        angry clouds pass

We saw…

            Suddenly . . .

                        wind shift

We stared…

            mesmerized by

                        the awesome beast

We ran…

chased by monster

                        head for cover

We looked…

out window

torrential rain

We gasped…

            small trees blowing

                        Tall trees falling

We sighed…

            black beast departed

                        calm restored

We were amazed…

            Destructive force

                        size of fallen trees

We thanked


everyone was safe

We remember…

            a Friday evening

                        at Dunkirk Camp

Katrina Rose

katrina Rose

"Katrina Rose" - acrylic

Like an explosion
Katrina hit Biloxi
Unstoppable force of water . . . . . .
Retreating from whence it came
Leaving behind
          scattered debris
A delicate rose survived.

Practicing V’s


Honk, Honk. There they go
Running on the water so.
Lift-off, taking to the sky,
Flying so high,
Practicing their V’s.
Honk, Honk, keep up the pace.
Steady, now. This isn’t a race.
Drafting – the wind spreading
Even when changing heading.
Practicing their V’s.

Honk, Honk, another to lead.
Keep up the speed.
Tired one drops back
Fill in the slack.
Practicing their V’s.

How would it be
To run on the sea,
Take to the sky
Flying high,
Practicing our V’s?

A lesson to learn
Sharing concern,
Lighten the load, helping each other,
Friend, stranger, or brother
Practicing our V’s.

Honk, Honk, I’m behind you.
When you tire I will assist you.
Honk, Honk, we are together
Fair or stormy weather
Together let’s practice our V’s.


Lone Feather


Lone Feather what stories you tell.
How long since you fell
Discarded by a bird.
You won’t say a word.
Alone on the beach, by and by
Waiting just to catch my eye.



Lone Feather - Detail

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Acrylic 16 x 20

Starting as a lighthouse
Not going anywhere.
After setting several years
Why waste a canvas there.

Water nice
Let it stay.
Everything else
Must go away.

What to do?
What can it be?
Lighthouse into island.
Boat Bimini into tree.

Eagle flying in the sky
So high
What do you see from your flight
Over the island from your height?

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