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Snowball – Acrylic

Winter Cathedral

"Winter Cathedral_ - acrylic

“Winter Cathedral” – acrylic

Inspiration for this painting came from passing through West Virginia last February.



“Prelude” acrylic

Lonely, cold, quiet

Like dormant seed in the ground

Waiting for summer

Reflections Book

A book of some of my paintings with poems is now available for sale. It contains some of the posts you have enjoyed on my blog.

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Lunar Morning

“Lunar Morning” Wall hanging quilt

Shine through the branches

Pretty sight to start my day

White ball in the sky

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate - photograph

Hot chocolate,
     A cozy comfy chair,
It’s cold outside
     I’m glad I ‘m not out there.
Marshmallow showman
     Melting fast
I knew he
     Wouldn’t last.

Nothing better,
     I perceive,
Than hot chocolate
    On a cold winter’s eve.


Junco - Photograph

The wind doth blow and howl out there.
            I’m snug and warm inside.
If someone says I must go out
            I think I’ll go and hide.
The temperature’s been up and down
            A roller coaster ride.
Yesterday was so wet
            I’m very glad I dried.

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