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Monarch Nectar


“Monarch Nectar” acrylic (16 x 20)

Monarch butterfly on Hyacinth bean vine

Garden Visitor

"Garden Visitor" acrylic

“Garden Visitor” acrylic

Painted Lady

painted lady

“Painted Lady” acrylic

Painting without verse

Could be worse

Busy with beads and brush

Creative rush

Tattered Butterfly

Tattered Butterfly - Photograph

“Tattered Butterfly” – Photograph

Flitter about

Wings torn and tattered.

Flitter about

As if it not mattered


When I am old

Hope I can be

Half as

Energetic as he.

Silver Lining

silver lining 1

Silver Lining #1 – digital

Peal away the storm clouds.

Peal away the sorrow.

Find the silver lining

For your tomorrow.

Silver Lining #2 – digital

Peal away the angry clouds.

Peal away the pain.

A brighter day will shine

After the rain.


Summer Afternoon

Summer Afternoon


Clouds in the sky
Don’t stop to say “Hi.”
Flower so white
Pick you I might.
Cool drink with ice
Twice as nice.

Hector’s Garden

Hector's Garden

Fiber Sculpture 40" x 25"

My friend, Hector
Sweet as nectar.
On your garden you sit
Just where you fit.

Butterfly wings.
Bird sings.
Flowers grow
The bees know.

What you talk about,
Your bird friend and you,
I can’t say.
I wish I knew.

For your smile
I’ll sit for a while,
My friend, Hector.


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