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Greetings – Acrylic


Bird Feeder


Bird Feeder – Wall hanging quilt

Garden Friends


Garden Friends –  Mixed Media

Head, squirrel, and flowers are made from hand felted wool





Love Those Seeds

lovethoseseeds-wmBanquet set for me

Food good enough for a king

And the price is right


Love those seeds, I do. Thank you

I will eat until they’re gone.

Stranger in the Garden

"Stranger in the Garden" digital

“Stranger in the Garden”

You’re different.

It doesn’t matter.

Where did you come from?

It doesn’t matter.

How did you get here?

It doesn’t matter.

Welcome to the tomato patch.


Informal – quilt

Scattered around

Colors abound

Not in neat rows

No pathway that shows

No planned pattern choice

Nature’s random voice.

Habitat 2011

“Habitat” acrylic

Here I sit in my garden
Looking out…pardon
I can’t.

By gourd vine hedge mess
Out of control, humongous
By tomato record high
Reaching for the sky

By low growing flower
Filled with color power
Spilling over the walk
More than a single stalk

Broken by bird sings
Broken by hummingbird wings

Next year
I will plant different
Every year I vow
Mistakes will be new
Time will tell how

This year
I’ll enjoy
My habitat

(This was my garden last year. It is much less out of control this year.)

Although you can’t see then in the small image, hidden in the picture are creatures: squirrel, cardinal, butterfly, ladybug, ants, hummingbird, hawk, dragonfly, bumblebee.

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