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Habitat 2011

“Habitat” acrylic

Here I sit in my garden
Looking out…pardon
I can’t.

By gourd vine hedge mess
Out of control, humongous
By tomato record high
Reaching for the sky

By low growing flower
Filled with color power
Spilling over the walk
More than a single stalk

Broken by bird sings
Broken by hummingbird wings

Next year
I will plant different
Every year I vow
Mistakes will be new
Time will tell how

This year
I’ll enjoy
My habitat

(This was my garden last year. It is much less out of control this year.)

Although you can’t see then in the small image, hidden in the picture are creatures: squirrel, cardinal, butterfly, ladybug, ants, hummingbird, hawk, dragonfly, bumblebee.

Iamma Toad

“Iamma Toad” – acrylic

Toad hiding in the rocks
      Come out to catch a fly.
No concern about a clock
      Life won’t pass you by.



“Raptor” – Digital

Poised and alert
Perched on bare branch
Surveying terrain
Looking for a chance.

Such is the order of things.

Next to my door he lands
Looking for innocent prey.
Raptor examines shrub
Will he find entrée?
Into bush he flies.
Out flies sparrow
Another bush for cover
Escape was narrow.

Such is the order of things.

Two crows chase and harass
From one tree to another
About as big as he
But not his brother.
“This is our domain.
You’re not welcome here.”
But he wants to stay,
It is very clear.

Such is the order of things.

Villain, no.
Only hungry hawk
As we gawk.

Such is the order of things.

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