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Day’s End


“End of the Day” – Watercolor and Acrylic 11 x 14


Scene from Dunkirk Camp and Conference Center on the shore of Lake Erie, Dunkirk, NY



“Creation” – acrylic painting

This painting started out as some “smears” on the canvas. The swimming animal appeared in the smears in front of the colorful sky. The rest of the painting was partly from smears. I added details.

Portage Lakes


“Portage Lakes” acrylic painting

This is a scene from Portage Lakes, Ohio



“Cottage” quilt wall hanging

In Repose

In Repose

In Repose – acrylic


Boats anchored in raft
Lined up aft.
Disappearing sun
Day almost done.
All is at rest
Sky fully dressed.
Day will close
In repose.

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