Artwork and Writings of Irene Tobias Rodriguez

Katrina Rose

katrina Rose

"Katrina Rose" - acrylic

Like an explosion
Katrina hit Biloxi
Unstoppable force of water . . . . . .
Retreating from whence it came
Leaving behind
          scattered debris
A delicate rose survived.

Comments on: "Katrina Rose" (6)

  1. Beautiful image and such a strong prose on Katrina.

    • Thank you, Walter. The inspiration for the painting came from a trip to do reconstruction work in Biloxi six months after Katrina came through. It was amazing to see a rose in full bloom setting beside the sidewalk amid the destruction.
      So much media coverage was about New Orleans. Biloxi was hit just as hard. In fact twice; once when the water came over the island, and again when it reached the bay and reversed direction.

  2. I have shared this on Facebook, Irene, because of your excellent work and its profound meaning and important ‘message’!

  3. The rose in the protected pot is hope, a graceful pink against the gray of destruction. Stairs that climb to nowhere stare, the flower grows and climbs to heaven to say hello.

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